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Hello everyone!

Yes, we finally have the winning photography.

First of all, we appreciate your participation in the 1st International Photography Contest organized by ARQUITECTURA SIN FRONTERAS, named «Cities Without Architecture».

Secondly, we would like to give you an overview of what the Contest has been in figures:

We received 690 photos from 83 different countries taken by 273 participants of 46 nationalities from around the world.

And as we do not want to make you wait any longer, we present you the winning photography of the Contest.


The winning photography is WARNING,  the author is Prathamesh Jagdish Naik and it was taken in Mumbai (India).

Our sincere congratulations. We will contact you very soon.

On the other hand, from ASF Andalucía, and on behalf of the jury, we want to comunicate the grateful surprise of having received such a number of photographs, highlighting the quality and the intention of each participant for trying to understand the, perhaps a priori, complex subject «Cities Without Architecture «. It has been a fantastic experience that does not end here …

That is why, next week we will publish a series of photographs that we think should have a mention in the Contest. Stay tuned.

We also want to remind you that we are already working on the Digital Magazine where the photographs that meet the bases and that have been selected by the jury will be collected.

Without further ado, we said goodbye to you, as we will still keep you abreast of the news through this medium. Do not forget to share it on social networks as this contest is part of an awareness campaign

Without further ado, we say goodbye… We will keep you abreast of the news through this medium. Do not forget to share it on social networks, remember that this contest takes part of an awareness campaign and that is the real objective: to alert the whole world about the necessity of working for habitat improvement.

Thank you very much for having taken part of the competition.

Keep in contact!

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