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Our jury for “Cities without architecture”

Who is behind this competition? Who will assess the pictures?

We are happy to introduce the jury that will assess the photographs in the first edition of our international competition “Cities Without Architecture”. This jury is formed by four profesionals, linked to the world of architecture, photography and cooperation, plus a member of ASF.


Let’s know something else about these four photographers.



img_03_fernando aldaProfessional photographer.

Fernando Alda (Aranjuez, 1958), is a profesional photographer based in Seville. He works in photography since 1981, and focuses his activity on architecture and infrastructure since 1987. His works and monthly published in books and both Spanish and international magazines.

His vocation came up when he asked some of his architect friends the retrofitting of his studio. He paid the job by taking pictures of the transformed studio thereby finding a way of experience he had been looking for long before: “the possibility of joining in one image the result of an architectural commission with the personal, intuitive and creative expression of my photographic work”, he says. In his opinión, architectural photography must bring together the technical documentation of a certain project and other proposals that can b evaluable for the architect’s speech. “This is what I challenge myself with in my everyday work” he assures.



Architect, oficial photographer of the EASA

She studied architecture in Minsk, Belarus. Architecture was always nearby; She thinks if you understand architecture you can understand the structure of the world.  Now she is working with photography and filming.

She is an official photographer for the European Architecture Students Assembly (EASA). She takes pictures and films in different countries, such as Spain, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Austria, Germany, Finland, Bulgaria…

Alexandra was able to share her experience with people from many countries and start a number of international projects such as making of short a film in Bulgaria about Veliko Tarnovo, starting a big project about Flamenco dancers in Spain or making a series of promotion videos for Austrian, German, Romanian, Finnish, Maltese architects.



Co-founder, Architecture in Development

Born in Taiwan, trained to become an engineer but ended up at a theatre consultancy, Changfang has further expanded her worldview through architectural study and practice in the United States and the Netherlands. She believes creativity is sparked by people and she finds her inspirations from the daily living environment.

Changfang is co-founder of Architecture In Development: a platform that analyses, advocates and facilitates social impact architecture. It puts people first, instead of design icons. Next to running the platform, Changfang has initiated Nest Project, an experiment to activate vacant urban space through events. She was occasionally invited to give a lecture or host a workshop at Delft University of Technology. She was also a jury member of the Dencity Competition.



Professional photographer.

His current work concerns the representation of neo-nomadic international countercultural identity  in south east Spain. Some of this work was exhibited in the V&A museum photography gallery for the year 2008/9 and is held in their permanent collection. It is the starting point for his doctoral research being undertaken at Royal Holloway, University of London.

His first monograph “The U.N. Building”, is a reflection on the depopulated interior spaces within the United Nations Building in New York. He was interested in questioning the ways in which our perception of internal space changes over time through external forces.

In 2010 Ben Murphy won an award from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, Chicago, USA to make a series about the dwelling spaces of homeless people in America. This work resulted in a solo show titled «Homes of the American Dispossessed» at the Architectural Association Gallery, London 2012.

Ben currently works on commissions for product designers as well as for magazines. He lives in London and works all over the world.

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